Do you sell individual add-ons ?


Unfortunately No.

Individual Add-On increase the production and maintenance cost which means you will end up paying more for each add-on.

To counter this we have bundled our Add-Ons into more affordable options as below:

  1. Smart Starter Plan: Includes – Email Notifications, Conditional Agent Assign and Canned Replies add-ons
  2. Smart Growth Plan: Includes – All Smart Starter add-ons PLUS – FAQs, Timer, Stick Tickets, Company/User Group add-ons
  3. Silver/Gold/Diamond/Platinum Plans: Includes – ALL Premium Add-Ons [Current and any future ones too] at no extra fee.

If we were to sell Individual Add-Ons you will pay a minium $49 per add-on, while our bundles bring you a lot more in pricing starting as low as $49 with multiple to all add-ons as per the plans above.

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