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Translate in your language

Translating WP Support Plus is made easy for you. We are going to include all available translations within plugin so that it will automatically select your installed language.

If your translation is not available, you can contribute in our translation portal so that will be available for everybody later on. In exchange we offer you free access to all premium add-ons.

Below are steps for this procedure :  

  1. Create ticket with details provided about your language such as name, locale (eg. fr_FR for French), etc.
  2. Our agent will create account for you on our translation portal. So that you can suggest translation strings.
  3. On translation portal all our projects (core and add-ons) translation strings available separately.
  4. Once you done with all translations, reply in ticket you created and inform the same to us.
  5. We will approve your translations and share .mo file so that translation is available instantly for you. You can upload it in /lang directory of plugin on your server.
  6. We will also give access to all premium add-ons and it will be valid until you help translating in future versions (new strings).
  7. This translation will be available inbuilt from next version.

In this way, for new language users it will be available by default.

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