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Custom Fields

In this tutorial I’ll explain how to add Custom Fields .

If you need some Custom Fields to be filled by customer in create new ticket form, you can follow bellow steps-

Step 1: Go to Dashboard > Support Plus > Ticket Form > Custom Fields

Step 2:   Click on Add new button, in this popup the field label shows your custom field label/name.

Step 3:Choose the custom field type. Field type shows type of your custom field. Custom field type can be one of the following

  • Text Field
  • Drop Down
  • Check Box
  • Radio Button
  • Text Area
  • Date
  • Attachment
  • URL
  • Email

The Agent Only Field  not available for ticket form. These can be edited by agents for their internal use. 

The Required  field to ticket form. if set Yes ,user must have to fill or submit value for this field

If Assign Categories is set custom field will only visible when one of the selected category is choose in create ticket form. If you want  to show this all time, please leave this empty.

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