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Setup IMAP pipe connection

To set IMAP email piping, please go to Support Plus > Add-Ons > Email Piping.

Piping email address should not your users email address.

You can add new IMAP connection. While adding you can set email address which is used for piping.

Encryption will be none or SSL.

You have to set Incoming Mail Server for your piping email.

You can set port according to your incoming mail server which can be 143 or 993.

Now, you can set piping email as a username.

In this way you can set multiple emails for piping. You can set category for piped email under Assign Category setting. If email receive on that piped email it will create a ticket of selected category.

You can reply tickets just by replying an e-mail notification you receive from any e-mail agent like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Email Mobile App, Email web interface etc. and it will appended into the ticket.

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