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The advanced feature are operated via Add-Ons, which were earlier free in their Beta stage.

If you had this feature before late 2017, that is because the Beta version was made available to all for more than a year.

Now that the tests are complete and full versions of the add-ons are ready and available, they come as part of Premium Plans.

To keep the costs minimum for our Valuable Clients, we include ALL Add-Ons in every plan.

These generally will cost more than $500 per year if purchased as individual plugins from elsewhere.

Also at the end of the day, our Engineers, Support Agents and entire teams need to be paid salaries, right?

Without any livelihood, it would be humanely impossible for them to bring a great product and keep it up to date. 🙂



Unfortunately No.

Individual Add-On increase the production and maintenance cost which means you will end up paying more for each add-on.

To counter this we have bundled our Add-Ons into more affordable options as below:

  1. Smart Starter Plan: Includes - Email Notifications, Conditional Agent Assign and Canned Replies add-ons
  2. Smart Growth Plan: Includes - All Smart Starter add-ons PLUS - FAQs, Timer, Stick Tickets, Company/User Group add-ons
  3. Silver/Gold/Diamond/Platinum Plans: Includes - ALL Premium Add-Ons [Current and any future ones too] at no extra fee.

If we were to sell Individual Add-Ons you will pay a minium $49 per add-on, while our bundles bring you a lot more in pricing starting as low as $49 with multiple to all add-ons as per the plans above.

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