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Please ensure you follow all of the following steps in order to complete the installation and activation process - 

  1. Visit and login
  2. You will see My Orders and Download Links. Download all the zip files for the add-ons you wish to install
  3. You will also see in My Orders the last column heading 'View Licenses' - click on this and you will see a complete list of licenses.  
  4. Now go one step back and from the downloads you obtained, Install each add-on as a new plugin from WordPress Dashboard.
  5. Once finished installing the add-ons you want, go to SupportPlus (in wordpress dashboard on left) and Add-Ons tab on top
  6. Obtain the license codes from Step 3 above and add to this section
  7. This will activate hyperlinks above licenses and below top tabs.Using these hyperlinks you can configure the add-ons

You are all set to start using SupportPlus!

In case you face any hiccup, please submit a ticket and our Support Cheer Squad will assist you further.

Since the launch of SupportPlus version 9x we have changed things around to make your ticketing experience more robust and without using too much bandwidth of your own WordPress installation. In this version you have two options -

  1. Stand-Alone GUI: In this interface, you get a stand alone page that is independent of your website design and purely focuses on keeping it a Ticketing page. This is a good option if you prefer distraction free, simple yet robust ticketing interface to stay focused on Customer Service while logged on to this page. SupportPlus plugin installs this option by default.
  2. Integrated Interface: You can also enable Integrated Interface in which the Ticketing Section becomes part of your existing design and does not lose the look and feel of your existing website. Here are a few things to know before setting this option -
    • You can choose to have Integrated Interface according to user groups - User/Subscriber, Agents, Supervisors and Administrators.
    • You can choose all, multiple, one or none to be able to use Integrated Interface.
    • You will need to know basic webdesign or seek help of your web administrator to tweak the integrated look as it may need from theme to theme basis.
    • Most themes work just fine with Integrated looks but some themes may require additional redesign of just the support page.
    • If theme integration is set Yes, it will load SupportPlus in your theme.

You can also hire our Diamond Experts for Theme Integration services here. Please note, we recommend creating a ticket here and checking with our team before you pay for Theme Integration Value-Added Service as our Diamond Experts will need to first check if your theme can be worked on by them to suit your requirements.

Please use [wp_support_plus] shortcode in your support page.

Simply select the support page in Support Plus > General Settings and you are good to go!

In case you face any hiccup, please submit a ticket and our Support Cheer Squad will assist you further.

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