Company / Usergroups

Why needed?

If you provide support to companies or usergroups and want to let members of company access each others ticket, this add-on will do the trick for you.

Lets understand working of this add-on by an example:

If your customer is not a single person but a companies or user-groups. Assume if you have 2 customers:

  • Company A
  • Company B

Company A has 4 employees and all employees raise ticket for company A:

  • employee a1
  • employee a2
  • employee a3
  • employee a4

Company B has 3 employees and all employees raise ticket for company B:

  • employee b1
  • employee b2
  • employee b3

If you install this add-on, you can create unlimited companies with unlimited users. Users are WordPress users and you will have to create it manually or let users register on your site.

Once you create company with members, supervisor of company will able to access and reply tickets created by other members of the same company.

Please note, you should not add users with support staff capabilities e.g. agent / supervisor / administrator. Using these users in company will not give required results.

Below video should explain its use:

Support Plus Help-Desk