Our Story

We came into being because we wanted to EMPOWER YOU in providing efficient, manageable, truly UNLIMITED yet undeniably affordable and Responsive Customer Service experience to the buyers/end-users of your brand. We get it and we did something about it – for YOU!

How we started?

In 2014, Pradeep went on a hunt for a Customer Service Ticketing System that was efficient, platform independent & scalable yet did not burn a hole in one’s pocket. All the options out there were cost prohibitive, and had ‘per agent, per month’ pricing. This is when Support Plus was born. Pradeep & the entire team got together to build a platform that was Responsive, Scalable, Platform Independent, and truly Unlimited and still VERY affordable. Today, Support Plus has been downloaded by more than 10,000 users and the number is growing non-stop.

Our Mission is for YOU!

Without sounding too fancy and hyped, our simple and single mission is for YOU. We are determined to be the singular most responsive, scalable, and truly Unlimited ticketing system with premium features that can empower your brand to provide really professional customer service to the end-users and buyers of your brand. Having seen the cost challenges ourselves, we aim to keep our product(s) so affordable that smallest to largest business can buy and operate and continue to grow while saving time required for efficient Customer Service to their clients.

Here to help YOU!

Since 2014 till now we are constantly helping our valuable clients tirelessly, and keeping up with the times we are evolving our Customer Service for YOU. Since December 2017, we have expanded our Customer Services to Social Media (Facebook & Twitter) as well. We understand the importance of good customer service because it is the very core of our product ideology, hence we are genuinely here to help with our best efforts. See support hours here! PS: We are working on expanding our availability hours from June 2018. (or earlier, if it became possible!)

Meet Our Team

Operations & Brand Liaison

  • Pradeep Makone
    Pradeep Makone CEO, Project Director
  • Sonali Jagtap-Makone
    Sonali Jagtap-Makone Chief Operations Officer
  • Szebastian Onne
    Szebastian Onne Chief Identity Officer
  • Eddie Ratcliffe
    Eddie Ratcliffe Chief Strategy Officer

Research & Development

  • Nikhil Gawali
    Nikhil Gawali Project Supervisor & Technical Head
  • Gaurav Dohole
    Gaurav Dohole Senior Software Developer
  • Ashwini Wakchaure
    Ashwini Wakchaure Senior Software Developer
  • Neha Prabhavale
    Neha Prabhavale Senior Software Developer
  • Bhushan Jawale
    Bhushan Jawale Junior Software Developer

Support Cheer Squad

Matthew M. Strauss

Manager (Customer Relations)

Shijin Raju Thomas

Project Manager

Dimitrius Moretti


Ryan Tilanka

Happiness Agent

Urnima Rajgopalan

Happiness Agent

Josh Oreens

Happiness Agent

Support Cheer Squad At Your Service

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