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We are the Number ONE Support Ticket System on WordPress.ORG. Install with complete confidence like tens of thousands have shown, proven by the stats.

Active Installs

10,000 +


1 Million +

Excellent Rating

4.7 +

Example Areas of USE

Technical Support System


Help Desk

Appointment Request

Collaborative Content Site

Service Request

Hotel Service Desk

Project Management

Software Release Lifecycle

Advanced Contact Form

Trouble Support System

Human Resources

Core Features

Included In free & Premium Version

Unlimited Tickets

There is no limit to number of tickets can be created in our Free Version. You can create unlimited tickets from Front-End.

Unlimited Agents

There nothing like per-agent charges as other third party support services. You can create Unlimited Agents to divide your workload of replying tickets.

Guest Tickets

Guest Ticket feature is available in free product. If enabled, users no longer require user account to create ticket. Many other ticket system usually charge for this basic feature.

Multiple File Attachments

It comes with Ajax uploading of file attachment. You can upload any file type excluding executable ones! Attachment also available as custom fields.

100% Ajax Functionality

It works on Ajax functionality which makes it 200% faster than any other Ticketing System.

100% Themes Compatibility

WP Support Plus do not use your theme on support page. So there is no compatibility issues.

Premium Add-Ons

Purchase in confidence with our 100% money back guaranty within 30 days. Extensions subject to yearly license for support and updates for other than ultimate package. View license & refund terms.

Need A Custom Solution?

Our Expert Engineers Can Develop Custom Solutions For You.

You may need some customization’s in WP Support Plus to suit your requirement. You can discuss your requirement with us and we’ll provide estimate as soon as possible. For big customization’s, we do not offer future updates and every change after this will be chargeable whereas small changes can be given as add-on so that you can continue updating the plugin in future.

We Are Here To HELP!

Our dedicated team stand behind the product. You can ask as many questions as you have including pre-sale questions, technical questions, bug report, suggestions, etc. We reply tickets within 24 hours. Our paid user tickets will get replied on priority.


  • Simple and good ticket/support system as with the ability to translate into your own language. Now we have 110% control over customer service cases.

    Torben Laust Pedersen Denmark
  • Great plugin, all the features that I need from a support system. quick and easy installation and setup, and when I had issues the team was very helpful. Highly Highly recommended for all who needs to build a support system on their WordPress website.

    Lior Schorr Internet Marketer, Israel
  • WP Support Plus is the best help desk software I have used in the past 20 years. It is very easy to setup and use. Great support staff for the product.

    Wally Boatwright South Carolina, USA
  • I wanted to utilize a solution which would work for everyone and this is just what WP Support Plus brings to the table. I really like the fact that you can customize your tickets any way you choose for the users. I thought it was going to be a default thing but this was perfect for what we needed! All around I give you 5 stars, 2 thumbs and a motivational pat on the back that says keep going and give me more documentation (I'm a RTFM kind of guy)

    Jeremy T Sawyer
  • Moving from V8 -> V9 gave us a small hickup. We had a small period of downtime. But I can honestly say I’ve rarely had better support from any software company. They had a fix for me in hours and the fix is due for wider release today. I’m in awe of their professionalism and speed of action against a bumpy first few days of a major version release.

    Dan Pearce Technical Expert, USA
  • For a social worker like me it is virtually impossible to find affordable solutions that can provide outstanding customer service to my clients who are non-paying individuals who need support in free. WP Support Plus ticketing system has changed how things work and my volunteers find it so easy to work from anywhere and provide their best assistance to our campaign clients. Thank you guys for a very amazing product at very affordable cost!

    Santosh Satish Social Activist, INDIA
  • WPSupportPlus has made it so easy for me to serve my customers practically 24/7 from anywhere. I cannot thank you guys enough for this plugin.

    Purab Aggarwal Young Entrepreneur, INDIA
  • This plugin has literally saved my business. Customer Service was the biggest challenge for me before we started using WP Support at my work. Now, my entire team is happy and it is so easy to operate. I am shocked how affordable it is. I was expecting nothing less than $1000 a year!

    Auggie K Karlson Digital Marketer, AUSTRALIA
  • They have the most amazing customer service I have ever experienced. It is completely unusual! It's a great tool for managing tickets between Agents and Floor Manager.

    Benjamin Wulff Knowledge Center Support Manager, DENMARK
  • Undeniably most dedicated customer service team. But, why won't it be, they develop the Customer Service Ticketing System so they know the importance of Good Customer Care. I love the latest version 9.0.2, it is really a huge improvement for WP Support Plus itself, but more than that, they are really creating unbeatable competition. TBH, I did expect that this may cost me a lot but when I saw under $500 license for lifetime add-ons, support & updates for unlimited websites, agents & ticketing, I just knew I made the right decision. I can confidently say after using it long enough that I did make the BEST decision choosing this plugin!

    Matthew McMahon CFO-Small Business, Denmark
  • Made our ticketing life so easy since using SupportPlus. Their product was so good, our company ended up partnering with them for training their end-users. Proud to be both end-user and brand partner of Support+. Thanks guys

    Edward Ratcliffe Toronto, CANADA
  • I've been using WP Support Plus for almost two years and have multiple customers using it on a daily basis. I upgraded to the newest version and the help desk response from this company to get me up and running was fantastic. Their product keeps my company revenue stream going strong and their customer support is top-notch. Great job guys.

    Greg Gartland Rochester, NEW YORK
  • Just what you are looking for in a plugin. One that continues to develop and responds quickly and effectively to support questions.

    Rice Dean
  • I’m a plugin developer myself who spent a fair amount of time trying various support ticket systems. There are a ton of things you can customize and having the interface be fully Ajax (no page reloads) makes it quick to work with.

  • Just started to use the plugin. Had some trouble with mail setup, got great support, and now it runs as advertised. Using it as a “to-do-list” at the moment while testing and preparing for customers. Experience so far: It is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Great plugin!

  • I installed this plugin with hopes of using it like a personal to-do list. It’s been excellent. The color sorting, categorizing, and frequent updates was exactly what I had in mind.

  • We are using the pro version of this ticket system for a 7 branch library system. You can not beat this for the price. We have had a couple of issues and the developer has addressed them immediately. I highly recommend it.

  • Awesome product and great support! Great service desk app for a low price, changed the way my firm operates.


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